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Freesat Installations

Freesat satellite channels bring you over 140 great digital TV and radio channels. Favourites like BBC Three, BBC Four, ITV2, ITV3, More 4 and Film Four are all yours, with no contract and no monthly bills.

Plus Freesat offers up to 70 hours a week of HD from the BBC and ITV at no extra cost.

All you need for a Freesat Installation, apart from an engineer that can install Freesat on your behalf, is a normal Sky type dish, all the brackets and bolts etc, along with double screen cable and a Freesat receiver box. Then, as long as the Freesat receiver and dish have been installed correctly, you should get perfect reception.

What is freesat?

Freesat was set up to ensure that everyone can access the best of free digital TV, no matter where they live in the UK. freesat is a not-for-profit company owned by the nation's two most popular broadcasters, the BBC and ITV. In reception areas that can not get normal TV aerial reception, then Freesat is often a very good choice, guaranteeing great TV reception

What Freesat channels are there?

Freesat includes over 140 digital channels and services, including TV, radio and interactive. Check out the official channels page to see what is available.

What about Freesat HD?

How do I get Freesat?

Getting Freesat is easier than you think. All that is required is a one-off payment for the digital box, satellite dish and installation - so you pay once, and watch forever. And because Freesat is broadcast via satellite, it'll be available to almost every household in the UK.

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